About Us

Culinary Creations

by Chef Eric Rodricks

Serving fresh, delicious food, crafted to the highest standards and using the finest ingredients, will always be at the heart of what we do. As led by Chef Eric Rodricks, a twenty-year service industry veteran who has done it all, from tending bar to leading the kitchens in some of Kansas City’s finest dining establishments, our commitment to our food – and our customers, is second to none.

We also hold a great belief in the value of culinary innovation and flexibility. We love to listen to our clients, hear all about their needs and wants and their tweak of vision to better suit theirs, rather than forcing them to conform to what we might think is ‘right’.

Great food brings people together, crosses cultural and personal boundaries and can simply help spread joy. Whatever your Kansas City catering needs may be, we are here to meet them, and to exceed your expectations as we do so.

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We offer catering and special event options for the greater Kansas City area!